Welcome and Thank You for visiting. This website is in-development to become the home of the Jack Stuler Legacy Foundation.

Sabina Kelly is Jack Stuler's daughter. She adores her father and has inherited his collection, which has never been organized or opened-up for showing, sales, and reproduction. Now, the whole story of how much Jack Stuler still has to give, will be shared with the world.

A new non-profit organization bearing Jack's name is being formed. Most importantly, this new non-profit foundation will fund scholarships for Art students who are otherwise without financial support to help make their education and career passions to come true. At the will and gesture of Jack's family, his passion and duty will never be forgotten.

This cause is very worthy, and we hope you will get behind the message of the project, of why we need to remember him, by caring for Students and Mother Nature, equally.

To get involved, or to add your artifacts and memories of Jack Stuler's work to this project, please CLICK TO CONTACT US. We will respond to all requests for contact.

"To succeed, you have to believe in something with such passion that it becomes a reality." Jack Stuler

About The JSL Foundation

"...he has been making photographs which chronicle a quest for meaning throughout a life-time of commitment." Bill Jay

Jack Stuler